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Products and Services



PRIME Racing Products offers quick and reliable chassis repairs and updates.  We stock parts from over 100 manufacturers and perform maintenance on all chassis' from hobby stocks to IMCA/Outlaw modifieds.  If you need technical assistance, we have the knowledge and dependability you need.

Custom Built Shocks

- Integra - Ohlin - QA1 - JRI - PENSKE -

Work with Dustin and the incredible customer service at Precision Performance.  Andy Eckrich and the Eckrich family in Oxford, Iowa have a well known reputation for providing quality shocks to racers in the United States and Canada.  Shocks have become an integral part of a well handling race car.  Find the competitive advantage that other racers were SHOCKED to find out!

Scale Packages:

Dustin Boney provides a thorough scale/set-up package customized for the tracks that you compete at.  Whether you need the competitive edge for a smooth slick track or large tacky track, we can dial you in.  Dustin sets your car up and leaves you with a basic set-up sheet for quick reference.  Customers say they learn more in 4 hours than they have learned in decades of racing - well worth $50 per hour for knowledge that lasts a lifetime.


Track Services:

Dustin regularly scales race cars but if your needs are more in depth, hire Dustin to visit the track with you while you set a test and tune date or on a regular racing night at your home track.  Rates vary depending on distance traveled.


Tire Preparation:

We are a dealer for American Racer through Boubin Tire Company.  We sell American Racer G-60's for $110 tax included.  We also offer tire preparation for those racers who are short on time.  For $25 per tire, we will prepare your tires, ready to mount and race! 


Transmission and Gears:

We rebuild Brinn Transmissions and Ford 9" Gears.  Brinn transmissions will last a lifetime if maintained properly.  Brinn rebuilds are $350 including the Brinn rebuild kit.


Complete Car Assembly:

PRIME Racing Products would love to assemble your race car.  Race cars should be gone through each winter and thoroughly checked over for damage.  There is no sense in fighting a beat up race car when a simple item has been overlooked.  Dustin can disassemble and reassemble your racecar timely and offer constructive advice.  We also assemble new cars.  Ask about our sponsorship on replacement parts when you bring your car for a complete assembly.